Results of the Photo Contest "50 Images Of Climate Change"

19 January 2018

January 20, 2018, there are the results of the photo contest on climate change in Central Asia.

It should be highlighted that competition was attractive not only for professional photographers but also for people from a wide range of professions from different parts of the region who are not indifferent to environmental problems.

In total, more than 300 works were sent, of which 156 were selected corresponding to all the criteria of the competition. The jury members did a great job evaluating and finally completed it.

Thus, the winners in the category "The role of woman in the sustainable use of natural resources in changing climate conditions" are as follows: 

The 1st place

Didor Sadulloev, Tajikistan, "Black bread"

2nd place

Marat Sayranbaev, Kyrgyzstan, “Shepherd Woman”

3rd place

Alimzhan Zhorobaev, Kyrgyzstan, “On jailoo”

The winners of the category «The climate change effects on the state of glaciers and water resources in Central Asia» are announced as follows:

1st place

Erkin Bolzhurov, Kyrgyzstan, "Melting glaciers"

2nd place

Yusup Kamalov, Uzbekistan, “Once there was a sea, then a human being came...”

3rd place

Gennadiy Ratushenko, Tajikistan, “Dry bottom of the Aral Sea”

And the winners in the category «Climate change impact on the welfare of the rural population of the Central Asia»:

1st place

Konstantin Kikvidze, Kazakhstan, “A sandstorm is not a reason to miss school”.

2nd place

Almas Jaxylykov, Kazakhstan, “In search of the sea”

3rd place

Alexander Vlasyuk, Kazakhstan, “Spring in the steppe”

Winners will be awarded during the Central Asia Climate Change Conference on January 24, 2018 in Almaty.