CACCC-2020 report was released

15 December 2020
CACCC-2020 report was released
The Third Central Asian Conference on Climate Change (CACCC-2020) was held from October 19 to October 23, 2020. The conference is a continuation of the World Bank's initiative on climate change knowledge and regional information exchange in Central Asia launched in 2013.

Ms. Lilia Burunciuc, Regional Director of the World Bank, Central Asia:

 "This conference has been serving as one of the main regional platforms for the discussion of climate change issues and climate change dialogue for the last seven years. Central Asia remains one of the most vulnerable regions to climate change, which leads to more frequent extreme events, including heavy rainfall, mudflows, landslides, droughts, etc. Farmers in Central Asia are already experiencing these changes today when their crops' yield suffers from droughts and floods. Central Asia's inhabitants are already experiencing these changes themselves when heavy rainfall when floods pose a direct and real threat to their lives. Today our future is in our hands. It depends on whether we sit back or act! And we must, indeed, act together!".

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