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Climate Adaptation and Mitigation Program for Aral Sea Basin (CAMP4ASB) 

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1.    Background

The five Central Asian countries – Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan - are among the ECA Region’s most vulnerable countries to climate change and building resilience to climate’s mounting impacts is a priority for poverty reduction and shared prosperity in Central Asia[1].

On November 3, 2015, the World Bank Board of Executive Directors approved an allocation of US$38 million from the International Development Association (IDA) to finance the first phase of the CAMP4ASB regional program.

The Climate Adaptation and Mitigation Program for Aral Sea Basin (CAMP4ASB) aims to enhance regionally coordinated access to improved climate change knowledge services for key stakeholders in participating Central Asian countries as well as to increased investments and capacity building that, combined, will address climate challenges common to these countries.

The program is implemented by the Executive Committee of the International Fund for Saving the Aral Sea (EC-IFAS) with support from the Regional Environmental Centre for Central Asia (CAREC) for day-to-day regional coordination and implementation.

To support CAMP4ASB implementation, a comprehensive 5-year Communication and Stakeholder Engagement Strategy was developed through a participatory process involving government representatives, policy makers, NGOs, academia, media and other key stakeholders.

The 5-year Communication and Stakeholder Engagement Strategy aims to:

1)    Promote the work of CAMP4ASB, its goals and objectives and results

2)    Improve the understanding and build support for climate change issues in the region

The main objective of this assignment is to support the implementation of the Communication and Stakeholder Engagement Strategy and its strategic activities, as outlined in the Action Plan.

2.    Objectives of the assignment   

Under the supervision of the Regional Coordination Unit and CAREC Knowledge Management Unit (KPRM), the Firm will ensure effective support related to the overall implementation of the CAM4ASB Communication and Stakeholder Engagement Strategy with specific focus on the following activities:

1)    Promote the work of CAMP4ASB, its goals and objectives and results

2)    Provide support for improved understanding of project’s stakeholders on climate change issues

3)    Provide the content for updating CAMP4ASB web site ( with country-specific project results and climate-related information      

The Firm will operationalize the outlined specific activities, and also provide support to CAREC team along the course of the Strategy implementation.

3.    Scope of work and tasks

The Consultant is expected to undertake the following tasks:

·         Work collaboratively with key stakeholders (inc. mass media) to share information about CAMP4ASB and its progress in a timely manner to ensure that the counterparts and wider audience is aware of the programme activities.

·         Regularly develop and share all updates and relevant information through media channels.

·         Organize field trip to showcase ongoing work in the country on climate change adaptation and mitigation to key stakeholders.

·         Organize participation of the mass media (including TV, radio etc.) at the project events and prepare media coverage reports.

·         Prepare of press releases and post releases, publish articles, broadcasts and other deliverables (incl. online media).

·         Contribution to development of policy briefs and case-studies to showcase the benefits of climate-change adaptation and mitigation solutions for country’s economy (including economic projections, scenarios) and disseminate through all channels.

·         Provide content to updating CAMP4ASB web site with country-specific project results and climate-related information (news, articles, etc.) and support KPRM PR Specialist in communication and outreach.

·         Ensure that all communications and visibility activities are delivered in accordance with the WB guidelines and the CAM4ASB Communication and Stakeholder Engagement Strategy.

·         To provide technical support to the project key partner organizations (EC IFAS and NCUs) as requested.


    Deliverables (All Deliverables are due in Russian, English and local language): Deadline/Period  
     1 Developed work plan is approved.      August 22 2019
     2 Develop press releases and post releases, articles, success stories and other relevant
 information about CAMP4ASB, its progress and share through media channels (incl. online media)
 to ensure that the key stakeholders is aware of the programme activities. (at least 4 publications per month)  
     3 Disseminate an information on climate change issues on  he local level. Regularly share all updates and
 information on online and social media channels. (at least 6 publications per month)  
     4 Organize field trips to showcase pilot project sites on CAMP4ASB pilot projects, partner NGO
 or organizations which work in the same area and have results that correspond with CAMP4ASB areas of
 work to key stakeholders (at least 2 field trips).     
     August 2019-
   February, 2020
     5 Disseminate information to promote the work of CAMP4ASB, its goals and objectives
and results during national, regional events and at the high-level conferences.
(at least 5 during external events and 1 during high-level event) 
     6 Inviting and ensuring the participation of the mass media (including TV, radio etc.) at the project events
 (at least 3 representatives at each event) and prepare media coverage reports. 
     7  Adaptation of analytical materials prepared within the framework of the project (research results, analytical notes, reviews, etc.)
 for various target groups (infographics, texts in a popularized format, other formats that are in demand,
first of all - on social networking sites and having potential in reality). (at least 10 materials)
     8 Development of infographic materials based on knowledge products developed under the project (at least 5 infographic materials)       Regularly


Conduct media campaign to promote the benefits of regional cooperation
 on climate issues. (at least 2 media campaign and 30 of media publicity generated) 
     August 2019-
     March, 2020



Support in the organization of national media training. (ensure participation of at least 20 participants
 and at least 20 of follow-up publicity from media training participants) 


Organize/participate in a talk-show on a major national TV to discuss issues of regional cooperation. (at least 2 talk shows)       August 2019 – June


Preparation of the accompanying articles to videos produced by the project (video presentations of the speakers and videos
on sustainable practices and technologies with focus on adaptation to climate change). (at least 6 articles) 


Preparation of articles/interviews on the basis of the collected information (eg, interviews with speakers
 during CACCC and other activities of the project). (at least 2 article per month) 


Preparation of thematic articles dedicated to significant international, regional and national
 events, calendar dates having a relationship with climate change. (at least 10 articles) 

4.    Qualification and experience requirement

·      As least 5 years of relevant experience in public relations or communication and outreach activities targeting a range of stakeholders (e.g., government agencies, development partners, academia, civil society) on climate change and environment management issues.

·      Experience working on communication and outreach in Central Asian countries.

·      Presence of a pool of media / journalists from Central Asia countries.

·      Experience in adaptation of analytical materials for various target groups and development of infographic materials.

·      Fluency in written and spoken English and Russian. Availability to professional translation from Russian into local language and English. 

5.    Location

National Firm will work distantly with a few missions to the region, if necessary. 

Timeline and Reporting

The estimated duration of the consultancy will be August 2019 – August 2020.

The National Firm shall report to the CAMP4ASB RCU, Knowledge Management Specialist.

[1] CAMP4ASB Project Appraisal Document, 2015.

Interested candidates should send an Expression of interests and CV of staff no later than August 02, 2019 to Ms. Saltanat Zhakenova, email: with the title: Firm on communication and outreach support.
Please note that only the winning candidate will be invited to submit a combined technical and financial proposal.