CAREC became IPCC observer

8 May 2020
CAREC became IPCC observer

At its 52nd session, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) decided to grant observer status to the Regional Environmental Center for Central Asia (CAREC). This IPCC session was held on February 24-28 this year in Paris (France). CAREC also has observer status at the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.

The IPCC is the world's leading scientific organization on climate change. This organization prepares periodic assessment reports, as well as thematic reports on various aspects of climate change. These reports are not only generalized sources of scientific publications on climate change but they also contain assessments and development scenarios that serve as the scientific basis for UN climate negotiations and the implementation of international agreements on climate change. The publication of the IPCC Sixth Assessment Report is scheduled for next year. Thematic reports are published annually.

Scientists and researchers from Central Asia are not yet involved in the preparation of IPCC assessment and thematic reports as authors and reviewers. Last year, the project “Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation Program for the Aral Sea Basin” (CAMP4ASB) organized a series of events with the participation of representatives and experts of the IPCC and participants from Central Asia to solve the problem of the involvement of our scientists. In particular, the side event “How to be involved with the IPCC?” was organized by CAREC on December 12 last year during the climate talks in Madrid.

The obtention of observer status at the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change by CAREC is an important step in that direction. Observers are entitled to participate in sessions of the IPCC and in meetings of its Working Groups. But more importantly, CAREC will be able to nominate scientists and researchers from Central Asia as authors and reviewers of the IPCC assessment and thematic reports. Last year, a series of joint events were organized with the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

Ms. Irina Bekmirzaeva, Program Manager for Climate Change and Sustainable Energy, has been appointed as a focal point for these issues at CAREC.


Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation Program for the Aral Sea Basin