A Handbook of Affordable Climate-Resilient Technologies and Practices

24 December 2020
A Handbook of Affordable Climate-Resilient Technologies and Practices

The Regional Environmental Centre for Central Asia, within the framework of the "Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation Program for Central Asia (CAMP4ASB)", with financial support from the World Bank, has developed a handbook on accessible climate-resilient technologies and practices.

Since Central Asia is one of the most vulnerable to climate change regions, in addition to government plans and programs, the network of civil society organizations and experts of Central Asia initiated the collection and dissemination of information on climate-resilient technologies in the region to the general public. This handbook is one of the major outcomes of the work done. Special contributions to its development were made by the NGO "Network of Experts for Sustainable Development in Central Asia" (Kazakhstan), the Public Association "Akmena" (Kyrgyzstan), the Youth Environmental Center of the Republic of Tajikistan, the EcoForum NGO (Uzbekistan) and the Public Association "Tebigi Kuvvat" (Turkmenistan) ...

This handbook contains descriptions of climate-resilient technologies and self-use practices by such stakeholders as households and farmers, expert communities and educators, and non-governmental organizations. In total, it presents 43 available technologies and practices to provide the population with water, energy and food in the face of climate change. Each type of technology is accompanied by a detailed description, explaining its purpose and benefits from its use. It should also be noted that the descriptions of technologies contain recommendations on how to self-make them and all the necessary accompanying illustrations and videos.

An essential feature of the technologies presented in the guide is that all of them have been thoroughly tested, and each of them is adapted directly to the needs of our region. At the moment, knowledge about these technologies is widely disseminated, including through seminars and trainings organized by the Regional Environmental Centre for Central Asia.

In the fight against climate change, it is essential to remember that not only the efforts of each of us but also our ability to cooperate at the national, regional and global levels. This guide's release is yet another proof of how successful we can be if we unify our efforts at the regional level.

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