Terhi Hakala - speaker of CACCC-2021

23 July 2021
Terhi Hakala - speaker of CACCC-2021

The Fourth Central Asia Climate Change Conference (CACCC-2021) will be held on July 26-27, 2021, in Dushanbe, Tajikistan. The conference will be conducted as a mix of in-person and virtual meetings.

The objective of the conference is to strengthen the regional dialogue, information and knowledge exchange in order to support climate-resilient evidence-based decision-making systems, as well as to explore the possibilities to ensure the synergy in climate projects implementation between international finance organizations and the development agencies in Central Asia.

A series of our publications will be dedicated to the speakers and moderators of the upcoming event. And, today, we would like to introduce you to Terhi Hakala, an EU Special Representative for Central Asia. She will be a speaker at the thematic session dedicated to climate financing.


Starting from July 2021, Terhi Hakala is an EU Special Representative for Central Asia.

Ms. Hakala is a Finnish career diplomat with extensive experience in the EU's Eastern neighbourhood and Central Asia, including in the context of OSCE. She served in various diplomatic postings abroad, including at the Ambassador level, among others in Russia, South and South-East Asia, and Geneva. She was most recently Ambassador of Hybrid Affairs, Technology and Security in the Foreign Ministry of Finland. 

Stay tuned for further updates to know about other interesting speakers of the CACCC-2021.