Central Asia energy-water development program


In 2016, the Central Asia Energy-Water Development Program (CAEWDP) continued to support efforts to deepen regional cooperation in energy and water and to advocate sustainable solutions to development challenges in these sectors that are central to the economies of the Central Asian countries. CAEWDP aims at strengthening the enabling environment through the generation of knowledge (data and diagnostic analyses), strengthening of institutions (capacity building), dialogue processes and investments that promote energy and water security and help realize the benefits of regional cooperation to advance sustainable development and climate resilience, goals that are inherent to energy and water security. The long-term vision of the program is to catalyze economic growth and livelihood security within Central Asia through regional cooperation and integrated energy and water development initiatives. This report presents the highlights and progress of the Central Asia Water and Energy Development Program (CAEWDP). CAEWDP continued to play a role in raising awareness and supporting capacity-building activities to promote regional water and energy security. The reporting period for this Annual Report is the calendar year from January to December 2016.