Financial Management Specialist

Scope of Work 

In his/her activity the FM Specialist shall be guided by the Project Operational Manual (POM) and current legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan. FM Specialist will be responsible for the following tasks: 

  1. Ensure that the project’s financial management system, including project records and accounts, is maintained in accordance with the World Bank and CAREC relevant guidelines and regulations as well as with the generally accepted  accounting principles and practices;
  2. Use the written procedures (Financial Management section of the Operational Manual) for operation of the project financial management and accounting systems and update, as necessary, the financial management section of the Operational Manual, including financial policies and procedures governing the project, forms and formats, and other material for project administration;
  3. Conduct regular reconciliations of the bank account balances to the project accounts as well as to the World Bank Client Connection system;
  4. Participate in preparation of the project’s annual budget, and implement financial planning in co-operation with other RCU specialists, including procurement specialist and others as needed;
  5. Follow all required procedures in accordance with World Bank/ CAREC guidelines on financial management, accounting, reporting and auditing;
  6. Ensure that the project’s accounting system can regularly prepare quarterly Interim Un-audited Financial Reports (IFRs). Prepare and submit to the World Bank quarterly IFRs in time and manner indicated in the project’s Grant Agreements;
  7. Ensure preparation of the annual Financial Statements for the Project, and that the Financial Statements are audited by external independent auditors acceptable to the World Bank on a yearly basis, in accordance with the respective provisions of the project’s Grant Agreements and terms of reference acceptable to the World Bank.  Each audit should cover the period of one fiscal year (January – December) and should be provided to the World Bank not later than six months after the end of such period;
  8. Maintain fixed assets’ register for the equipment bought from the project funds;
  9. Cooperate and follow up on the recommendations of the Bank’s FM supervision missions and external auditors;
  10. Fulfill reporting requirements of the Tax, Social Fund, Statistic committee and other state authorities;
  11. Provide financial management training and guidelines as needed to relevant project staff and beneficiaries;
  12. Perform filing and archiving of the accounting and financial documentation;
  13. Carry out other activities as may be officially delegated by the RCU Coordinator from time to time.
  14. Maintain internal control procedures for collecting, checking and preparing documentation required for verifying invoices/payment requests under the project. Record payment documentation and payments to Suppliers, Contractors and Consultants. Ensure the that all payments under the project are made on a timely basis and according to contract terms and conditions as well as the WB relevant guidelines, regulations, legal agreements and other applicable documents. 

Application process

All interested candidates are required to submit their application through e-recruitment system not later than 12 February 2019.

Please note, that only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.